We'll Help You Catch 'Em All

We'll Help You Catch 'Em All

Check our selection of Pokémon cards in Lubbock, TX

Hunting for a first edition Charizard card? Want to beef up your Digimon card collection? You’ve come to the right place. Mint 10 Collectibles & Novelties carries a wide selection of cards and collectibles at our store in Lubbock, TX.

You can find:

  • Comic books
  • Digimon cards
  • Pokémon cards
  • Fortnite cards
  • Collectible marbles

Just starting your collection? Our friendly employees can help you get started. Visit our comic book store today.

Boost your deck with new cards

Collecting gaming cards is a fun and often challenging hobby. You never know what you're going to get when you unwrap a new pack of Pokémon cards. If you want to build up your collection, Mint 10 Collectibles & Novelties can help.

We also have a selection of old DC and Marvel comic books that you can explore. Stop by our comic book store in Lubbock, TX today.