Searching for an Autographed Sports Jersey?

Searching for an Autographed Sports Jersey?

Shop our sports memorabilia store in Lubbock, TX

Whether you’re a casual sports fan or a lifelong memorabilia collector, Mint 10 Collectibles & Novelties is sure to have something that will wow you. We carry a variety of sports memorabilia at our shop in Lubbock, TX.

We offer:

  • Game-worn jerseys
  • Limited-edition posters
  • Autographed apparel
  • Sports cards

Looking for sports action figures? We carry those too. Visit our store today to purchase an autographed sports jersey.

Why should you shop at Mint 10 Collectibles & Novelties?

We have a huge selection of baseball cards and autographed sports jerseys at our shop in Lubbock, TX. You could spend hours looking through our selection of sports memorabilia. We have everything from signed boxing gloves to sports Funko Pops.

All of our jerseys are custom framed by a local gallery, so you can display them as soon as you get home. Find out why local collectors rely on us for sports memorabilia. Stop by Mint 10 Collectibles & Novelties to purchase sports action figures and more.